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A Dia De Los Muertos To Remember

What a great evening. Dia De los Muertos was celebrated at EPIC yoga SC this year.  Many people brought pics and memorabilia of their loved ones who are now in the spirit world.  There were lots of happy moments with love ones coming through to give proof that they are still around their family and friends.

Reminding those present that despite the fact that they're no longer in a physical form, they are with us in spirit and do their best to let us know that they visit us. This can be an unexpected thought you get about them, a rush of love, or feeling of longing which you may feel in your heart. This is just one way you can experience a message from your love one who is in spirit. 

Most people think that when you have a thought of someone in spirit, that is just your memory or your own grief or longing for them. Well, spirit has told me many times that they are the ones who initiate the thought of love longing to prompt you to know that they are with you. 

Below is a video that was taken for one of the readings that took place.

THEY start the communication, shall I say, not the other way around. 

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