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Perfectly Imperfect

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

When I am able to blend with the energy of Rialta from the Angelic Realm, I am provided messages that can to apply to all. In this angel channeling session, a message about the importance of spiritual development and the form that it takes is offered.

The important points of this session are:

Inherent Impatience

Often we get wrapped up in the race that humans have created on this world. Many of us create these artificial deadlines in time to accomplish certain goals. We also tend to lack patience to let the natural process of personal development to take place.

The Journey

The reality is that every moment that takes place in time is contributing to your development, and every moment is perfect in itself. The observation of where an individual is on their path of personal, or spiritual development turns into internal judgement, which can work to impede, or skew the path of personal and spiritual development. It is important to learn to let go, and react to your path instead of forcing it.

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