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"so pure and so real"

What I love about Lorri's gift is that it's so pure and so real. I love that she doesn't even want you to tell her too much before she begins. She starts with asking what you'd like to know or who you'd like to invite and then she proceeds to tell you details, using her gift, that there's no possible way she'd know on her own. It's truly amazing. After every visit with Lorri, I leave fulfilled with answers to my questions. Lorri is so gifted and I feel really lucky to be able to go to her.


Giselle Baturay
Granola Babies


“I had a moving mediumship experience with Lorri.  Amazingly, she brought forth one of my dearest pets about whom I had been very worried as I had regrets about putting him down.  It was a joyful and comforting reunion!  Who knew animals could come through??”

Thank you so much!!!

Cheryl L. Barrett, Esq.



"a wonderful experience"

I went to see Lorri to get a psychic reading.  I was a little nervous even though I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.  I think I was afraid of what I would hear.  She assured me right away that everything comes from good spirits rather than evil spirits.  The experience I had was wonderful. 


It was a very emotional experience.  The reason why I’ve waited so long to get a reading is because you always wonder if what they are telling you is true or a bunch of crap.  I knew right away from what Lorri was telling me that what she was saying was true.


There is no way she could have known any of this.  She had specifically told me not to tell her anything and not to tell her any stories.  I had a wonderful experience and I would love to do it again. 



"life changing"

I can't sing your praises enough! 


"Lori has really helped me realize how far off course my life had gotten, it was validation I needed to make important positive changes in my life, to find the happiness and restore the self esteem I had lost over the past couple of years.  She connected with my grandmother, who died over 30 years ago, and gave me a message from her, it was what I needed to hear and meant so much to me.  I can't say enough good things about Lori, her readings have been life changing for me, not influencing my decisions as much as making me see how off track I had allowed myself to get."


It is so hard to put into words how much you have helped me, I hope this is good enough, I was trying to keep it short!


Thank you Lori!!

Carol Smith


"simply amazing"

My experience with Lorri was absolutely incredible. Seeing a medium, let alone a psychic, was something I had never done before, so I had no clue what was to come of my session. Immediately, Lorri's presence and knowing nature yielded an overall peace within me as she began our appointment by playing the gongs. (That alone was amazing to me, and I would definitely buy her gong album if she ever made one!) 


Our session as a whole was a healing journey for me. Because of Lorri's intuitive abilities, I was able to have the answers to my unasked questions, and resolve the dysfunction that remained when my loved one passed. Words merely cannot express how truly relieved and at peace I am to have had the opportunity to tie up the loose ends that have been burdening me for years now. Had it not been for Lorri's ability to help me communicate with my loved one, I would be still carrying the weight of the past on my shoulders. Because of her, I am excited for the future and have the ability to look back into the past without regret or questions. 


Lorri is the best you will find, as professional as they come, and worth her weight in gold. Not to mention, Lorri proved to be even more impressive than ever when she knew the name, age, and mode of passing of my recently passed relative. Simply amazing. Enjoy your journey with her. You won't regret it."


Ruby Stocking

Midwife Assistant

"a gifted healer"

My session with Lorri was truly the best reading I have ever had. The context of the reading was dead on, but it was the tone she set that made the experience so extraordinary. She created a space, which allowed me to open up and receive the information I needed to hear. I felt incredibly peaceful throughout the reading. She helped me pull apart a frustration I was experiencing with care, compassion, and incredible insight. She helped me be very clear and eventually delivered me to my own inner knowing and wisdom. I left with discernment, decisiveness and confidence, not because she told me what to do, but because she helped me see I could trust what I already knew to be the truth. Lorri is a very special lady.      


Cassandra Ocken

Clairvoyant, Intuitive Reader

"I  have peace"

"Last night I was at a concert by the lake. That song that you heard. The one Danny sang to me through you. The love song. The blues band played it. I felt it. That vibration of Danny, the message he said he would send. Thank you for allowing us to channel our love through you. I have peace. I just want you to now that you have a gift. Something special that I am thankful for. You proved to me something that I knew existed. Love lives forever"


F. L.

Mission Viejo, CA


Lorri brought through my grandmother today. She truly embodied her personality, mannerisms, phrases which were commonly spoken by her and even she passed. Then brought a message for my mother which was very needed.

S. C.

Zurich Switzerland


Oh my gosh! This was the most incredible experience of my life!! Honestly. Three of my loved ones came through and we had the best conversations ever. Lorri was 100% right on everything. The couple of things I wasn't sure on I figured out after leaving. I could have stayed for hours. I was nervous going in because I had never done this before and she put me at ease right away. We laughed. We cried. Sometimes we laughed and cried at the same time. I would absolutely recommend Lorri. Go see her. It's life changing!!!

Jody M.

Dana Point CA


"so valuable"
"feeling better"

I was visiting Newport/Laguna for a couple weeks and felt compelled to chat with a psychic for some reason. I just can't tell you how lovely Lorri is, she made me feel more than comfortable, it was a pleasant experience. Her gift was incredible, to tell me the things she did, to answer so many questions all while really seeing the positive in everything. I left her beautiful place feeling better than ever. You would be lucky to see her:)!


Shannon K.

Bismarck, ND


"go see her"

I feel so absolutely lucky to have been able to see Lorri for a reading today. She is so many things I'm not sure where to start. First off, her spirit exudes nothing but warmth and love. You just can't help but feel safe in her presence. For my reading, she hit the nail on the head with details that only a very experienced psychic could know about me. As a medium, the messages she gave me helped me know how to proceed with my life dealings and although it's hard to explain here without going into far too much personal detail, I can say with strong conviction that I know what to do now. Ultimately, all the answers she had to my questions brought me peace and closure and for this I am so so grateful to her. She is truly gifted, and the fact that she is willing to share it with the world is the best part. Go see her.

Cristy C.

Irvine CA


I've come to really rely on the readings I have with Lorri. She has be spot on every time I skype in for a session with her. I love to hear her calming voice. The psychic insight has been so valuable for me. Helping to see things more clearly and make the best decisions for me.


New Delhi, India


Lorri would love to hear your story

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