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A SpiritualCoincidence.

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

There are many reasons I get such fulfillment in helping people connect with loved ones who have gone into the Spirit world; but one of my favorite things to do is to feel and witness how my client’s loved ones still have a direct influence on them.

Everyone should take comfort knowing that the spirits of loved ones remain engaged in our lives.  We are usually not privy to their involvement because we typically aren’t in tune to their vibrations as we go about our regular daily life.  We are often more concerned about getting the kids from school on time, working towards that promotion at work, and just getting the bills paid to slow down and take stock of who may be visiting with us; but, their spirits have the ability to set things and events into motion to bring you to a certain point of clarity. 

You may have had those moments in the past where you were pondering an existential question, or struggling with a decision, only to have the answer unexpectedly fall into your lap, leaving you to utter, “huh, what are the chances?”  What I offer you today is to stop yourself in those moments and entertain the possibility that a departed member of your family, or close friend had influence on what took place. 

When spirits get involved, their actions usually manifest to feel like coincidence, but I have come to know in my experience as a psychic medium that rarely is case.  Sometimes when I am giving a reading, the way these “coincidences” fall together can be truly jaw dropping.

One story involved a reading I recently gave to a client, and her mother.  One thing I don’t have much control over is which spirit person decides to come forward to interact; in this case it was a man who had a very strong presence.  Spirits use all sorts of cues for me to work with when they attempt to communicate.  Sometimes it is in words, a song, or sounds; sometimes it’s a smell, and often I am provided images in my mind’s eye.  The spirit of a man came forward giving me strong, clear images of him in a military uniform.  What really stood out was the kind of hat he had on, which looked like one of those triangular covers some military personnel wear, and he was wearing distinctive khaki uniform.  As I was describing to my client what I was being shown, it became pretty apparent to her mother that the spirit I had connected with was that of her father, or my client’s grandfather.

There were a lot of things and events I was shown by this man’s spirit that had a touching impact on my client’s mother, but there was one nagging thing he kept showing me that didn’t seem to connect with her.  He showed me this box of medals, but when I explained what I was being shown by this spirit to my client, they were at a loss as to what it could have been.  I attempted to move past this and get to some other things with him, but he kept coming back to this box of medals; each time the images experienced were more detailed and much stronger.  Once more, he told me that my client had possession of this box, and he was adamant about it.  Still my client and her mother didn’t have any idea of what I was describing.  Well, the reading came to an end and the spirit of my client’s grandfather dissipated away.  It was truly an emotional and healing time for the daughter of this man, and a touching moment for all of us.  I saw my clients off, and I thought that was that.

Later that day I received an exuberant call from my client who had received the reading earlier.  What she had to say was extraordinary.  After her mother had arrived home from the reading a delivery was waiting for them at their front door.  They took the package inside and proceeded to open it; and low and behold, it was the exact box I had been trying to explain to them during our reading.  And inside the box were the medals the spirit of my client’s grandfather had earned while he was in the service.  I'm told that tears of joy were shed in recognition that she had received was indeed from her father. It was a beautiful cap to the day for my client.  An exclamation point to the reading we just had.  I must say, it certainly made my day as well.  The family sent me photos of the service metals and photos of the father in his military uniform, which I had seen during the reading. What joy to share this experience with them all.

Of course, events like this one, where the dots connected so effortlessly, could hardly be included in the realm of coincidence; however, it does highlight the mysterious ways in which spirits communicate and work within our lives.  So, I leave you with this:  next time you feel the words “well, that was a coincidence” start to form in your mind, take a moment to feel if that a loving someone who may not be here with us on this earth, but with you in spirit, is trying to get your attention.

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